Enviro-Cement Technology (ECT) is an innovative developer of environment friendly concrete solutions for the construction industry. The company has an inspired and thought leading management team with extensive international construction and concrete industry experience.

ECT is committed to sustainable development. By bringing superior concrete products to the marketplace, ECT is providing an alternative choice to environmentally conscious companies. For any concrete application, the use of ECT products will reduce the harmful environmental damage including greenhouse gas emissions caused by the chemicals normally associated with traditional concrete. ECT will provide for a "greener" site protecting the surrounding air, land and water over the lifetime of the project.

ECT uses a mix of non-organic Hydroclinker ® mineral cement and Portland cement. Through innovation, ECT has developed unique processes to create concrete solutions for normal and extreme applications. Further, the new green concrete has an impermeable barrier that blocks water and is highly resistant to freezing, oils, acids and other corrosives. This saves customers money as their maintenance and restoration costs are lowered.

The use of ECT products in design construction can lead to superior performance including lower heating and cooling energy bills. This is a result of the ECT products creating an insulation barrier that prevents thermal heat conduction.

ECT can create local solutions with a flexible approach in order to meet extreme concrete structure requirements for both new buildings and for the repair and restoration of existing structures.

ECT is a fast growing international company meeting emerging customer needs on a global basis.

Testing and certification for ECT products has been received in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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